Rust Cup ImageRUST 2020


Here are the RUST Intro and RUST SIs 2020 - racing series postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 Provincial and Municiple legistlation, regulations and guidelines.

Until normal racing resumes, the RUST Time Trials (RUST TT) have been introduced to replace the RUST race series. Time Trial Instructions can be found here: Time Trial Instructions 
You still have to be registered for racing to compete in the ILD-TTs. Boats are still responsible to follow Provincial and Municipal legislation, regulations and guidelines in social distancing and maintaining household/social circles with your crew and other boats while participating.

RUST race series and Time Trials handicaps for 2020The initial handicaps will be based on each boat flying a 103% main and a 135% jib. This is intended to represent the typical sails that a short-handed boat might fly.  Attached are handicaps for various boat types (Note: The 4th column equates to your RUST handicap) RUST handicaps for 2020: RUST handicaps for 2020If you intend to always use smaller sails, please get in touch with the RUST handicapper. 

For questions on RUST or the RUST TT, contact the Coordinator, Tony Latus.
For handicap queries contact the RUST Scorer, Kirk Robertson."