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For over 130 years, Britannia Yacht Club has provided a quick and easy escape from urban Ottawa into lakeside cottage country that unbelievably is just fifteen minutes from downtown.
Members of all ages can enjoy sailing, tennis, swimming, childrens’ programs and other outdoor activities, as well as great opportunities and events for socializing.
Britannia Yacht Club has a long history of producing outstanding sailors. Our nationally acclaimed junior sailing program (Learn to Sail) is certified by the Canadian Yachting Association and is structured to nurture skills, self discipline and personal achievement in a fun environment.
Britannia Yacht Club has affiliations with clubs across Canada and the United States so members can enjoy other facilities when they travel. A number of different membership categories and mooring rates with flexible payment plans are available. Please refer to the Membership Fees and Mooring Fees.

To apply for membership or for more information please complete the New Membership Application Form or contact the office directly. We welcome all new members to our club, and have limited boat slips available! If you are a new member, please see the BYC New Members Guide and also the BYC Welcome Kit. BYC Members can login here to access their accounts, the club directory and other information.

A. Membership Agreement
Waiver of Liability
The following is an extract of the “Hold Harmless” agreement that is contained in the Britannia Yacht Club By-Law:
Notwithstanding any offer or provision of services by the Club whether for a fee or gratuitously, all members on application and acceptance of membership in the Club or on annual renewal of membership, acknowledge that the Club is not liable to members for any loss or damage suffered by such members to their property arising whether through acts of negligence of officers, other members or employees in the launching, hauling, storing or moving of their boats or equipment, in the conduct of racing or other activities of the Club, or in the occupation and control of the Club’s property by virtue of any relationship of bailor or bailee, and all members acknowledge and accept that any such liability shall be borne by them.
A. Membership Agreement
If allocated a mooring:
I will obey all Britannia Yacht Club Harbour and Safety Rules and Regulations.
I certify that I am either:
  • » The sole owner of the above boat, or
  • » The “designated” owner of the boat (Note: Moorings will only be assigned to a sole owner, or a “designated” owner. If a boat is owned in partnership, the partners are to designate one of their number as a “designated” owner for the mooring application and other Britannia Yacht Club ownership responsibilities.)
I will advise the manager of Britannia Yacht Club, in writing, within fourteen days of any change in ownership noted above.
I accept the “Hold Harmless” Agreement, a copy of which is printed above.