65th National Capital Regatta


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65th National Capital Regatta will take place on July 9th and 10th. Registration opening soon.


Registration is now open! If you have any questions, please contact regatta chair, Lisa Shishis at

Regatta Information


List of Registrants

Name Club Sail Number Class
Nick Cox Deep River Yacht & Sailing Club CAN 32 Raceboard
Artem Lavrynenko Toronto Windsurfing Club 90 Raceboard
Michale Keltz Toronto Windsurfling Club CAN 141 Raceboard
Andrew Hope Britannia Yacht Club CAN 377 Raceboard
Suzanne Roberge Britannia Yacht Club 1703 Kona
Vincent Godbout Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère & Gatineau River Yacht Club 100512 ILCA 6
Gaël Godbout Gatineau River Yacht Club 100032 ILCA 4
Yannick Godbout Gatineau River Yacht Club CAN 1624 Opti Championship
Eva Doucette Britannia Yacht Club CAN 1798 Opti Championship
Mia Doucette Britannia Yacht Club CAN 1786 Opti Championship
Vladimir Pokhodnia Toronto Windsurfing Club 35 Raceboard
Colin Campbell Toronto Windsurfing Club CAN 110 Raceboard
Denis Dagenais Lac Cameron 3182 Kona
Mikhail Lavrenov Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère 194522 ILCA 6
Mika Steinbachs Britannia Yacht Club CAN 1507 Opti Championship
Nicola Gilmour Britannia Yacht Club 219288 ILCA 6
Holly Hess Britannia Yacht Club 201228 ILCA 4
Max Rogers Britannia Yacht Club 205446 ILCA 6
Keli Schmidt Toronto Windsurfing Club CAN 23 Raceboard
Bob Shuttleworth Toronto Windsurfing Club 1981 Kona
Michele Loewen Britannia Yacht Club 2918 Kona
Suzanne Roberge Britannia Yacht Club 1703 Kona
Branwen Craig Britannia Yacht Club CAN 1721 Opti Championship
Brodie Sorensen Britannia Yacht Club 218326 ILCA 6
Brandon Foy Britannia Yacht Club CAN 1815 Opti Championship
Cameron Laing Britannia Yacht Club 170764 ILCA 6
Eric Thurber Britannia Yacht Club 199935 ILCA 6
Anna Parolin Britannia Yacht Club 216327 ILCA 6
Matthew Lundrigan Britannia Yacht Club 218582 ILCA 6
Liam Downes Britannia Yacht Club 217318 ILCA 6
Vita Faid Britannia Yacht Club 218328 ILCA 6
Duncan Whitrow Britannia Yacht Club 214030 ILCA 7
Andrew Fraser Britannia Yacht Club 047 ILCA 7
Mikael Bouchard-Green Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère 124552 ILCA 6
Antoine Meloche Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère 195673 ILCA 6
Arthur Page Britannia Yacht Club CAN 1645 Opti Championship
Aaron Hobbs Britannia Yacht Club 212590 ILCA 7
Hans Martin Britannia Yacht Club 201206 ILCA 6
Annika Martin Britannia Yacht Club 194542 ILCA 4
Matthew McGarvey Britannia Yacht Club 3064 Kona
Mike Tindall Toronto Windsurfing Club 3113
David Cocking Britannia Yacht Club 707 Raceboard
Gabriel Baril Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère 198042 ILCA 6
Ariane Sauvé Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère 203942 ILCA 6
Donald Ferguson Rondeau Yacht Club 16 Raceboard
Ian Matthews Toronto Windsurfing Club CAN 3 Raceboard
Rafael Hébert Britannia Yacht Club 194542 ILCA 7
Zhenrui Zhang Britannia Yacht Club 220322 ILCA 6
Chris Klotz Britannia Yacht Club AUS 122 ILCA 7
Malcolm MacGillivray Britannia Yacht Club 201275 ILCA 7
David Florea Britannia Yacht Club CAN 1813 Opti Green
Catherine Beique Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère 198330 ILCA 6
Adam Cotton Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère 210530 ILCA 6
Maxime Mimeault Centre de Voile Grand-Rivère 195591 ILCA 6
Pasha Raymond Gatineau River Yacht Club 00000 ILCA 4
Aisha Winfield-Khan Gatineau River Yacht Club 99999 ILCA 4
Gemma Raasch Gatineau River Yacht Club TBD Opti Green
Abigail Richards Whitby Yacht Club CAN 1341 Opti Championship
Sophie Canakis-McLaughlan Whitby Yacht Club CAN 1799 Opti Green
Jeremy Warman Whitby Yacht Club CAN 1547 Opti Green
Marek Phillips-Skarzenski Nepean Sailing Club 192902 ILCA 6
Victoria Hoskin Britannia Yacht Club CAN 1751 Opti Green
Katie Varty Britannia Yacht Club 206120 ILCA 4

Registration Information

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All participants (athletes and coaches under the age of 26)
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