Date: Event:

 Jan, Feb, Mar

 Winter Tennis - Indoor Availability Dependent


 Spring Work Party

 Season Open Round Robin

 Court Launch - Tennis Program Begins


 French Open Finals on the Big Screen with Cafe au Lait and Croissant  

 Tucker-Rodger Sailing and Tennis Regatta


 Mid-Season Work Party

 Championship Tournament

 Wimbledon Finals on the Big Screen with Strawberries and Cream


 Championship Tournament

 Rogers Cup Trip

 Lessons Finish


 Championship Tournament

 US Open Finals on the Big Screen with Chili Dogs and Apple Pie

 Tennis AGM and Election of Tennis Director


 Fall Work Party

 Courts Close - Tennis Program Ends

 Tennis Awards Dinner

BYC Annual Tennis Championships

The tournament will be a round-robin format, players with the two best records playing a final game for the Championship. A tie break match will be played if necessary to determine the two finalists'.

Matches will progress through July, August and into September as arranged by the participants.

All matches are to be completed before September 15th.

Best of luck to all participants!