BYC Queen's Park #3 Time Trial Instructions (start time amended September 16, 2020 at 10:30pm)

Start window: between 1400h and 1415h on Sunday September 20, 2020.



Races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020.



Any boat from NSC, BYC or CVGR that is registered for the Interclub racing program is eligible. Boats may sail with flying sails (aka PHRF) or without (aka JAM). Boats are still responsible to follow Provincial and Municipal laws, regulations and guidelines in social distancing and maintaining household/social circles with your crew while participating.



Boats may start the course anytime between 1400h and 1415h on Sunday September 20, 2020.


The Start: 

The start line will be between yellow race mark P (DEC: 45.3644°, -75.8206° / DMS: 45° 21' 51.84'' N, 75° 49' 14.16'' W) to the North, and DEC: 45.3630°, -75.8203° / DMS: 45° 21' 46.8'' N, 75° 49' 13.08'' W, ~170m to the south of P Mark, as shown below.  Boats shall record their start time at the moment they are aligned with P Mark and the Camp Fortune Tower.

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The above photo was taken from the port end of the start line, looking towards P Mark; the Camp Fortune Tower is visible in the background, aligned with P Mark. Clicking on the image above may open a larger rendition of the photo.



Start at “P” Mark to Starboard as described above in Schedule/Start. Round temporary drop mark at Queen’s Park to Port. Finish at “P” Mark, leaving it to port.

Distance: approx. 8.4 Nm.


The Finish:

Boats shall record their finish time at the moment they are aligned with P Mark and the Camp Fortune Tower, as described here.


Reporting of Times & Crew:

Skippers should try to record their start and finish times by taking photos of P Mark, as described here.  Start and finish times shall be reported per normal procedures for reporting of times for long distance races. In addition, skippers shall report the names of all crew members.


NOTE: Thank you to Hugh Morrin and NSC for developing the approach and start process being leveraged and adapted for the ILD-TT series.