There’s a New Race Series in 2018
The R.U.S.T Cup is Open to Everyone*
All Classes of Boat in a Short Round-the Buoys mid-week Series

RUST Cup Series Specific Sailing Instructions (2018) 

Come join in! It’s a fun ‘round-the-buoys’ series every Wednesday afternoon, June - September, right in front of BYC Clubhouse! (if winds cooperate).  2018 marks the inauguration of what we hope will become one of the most enjoyable race series on Britannia Bay & Lac Deschênes. It’s the Rust Cup Series’ first season, and R.U.S.T. stands for (not so seriously) Retired & Unemployed/Under-Employed Sailors’ Trophy). Created specifically to be a venue for all boat owners of all classes to compete in short races, as a single fleet. You don’t have to be old, rusty, or unemployed, just free to sail on Wednesday afternoon! At end-of-season, it is hoped the amazing Rust Cup itself (a truly worn & weathered old vessel) will be presented to the overall winner at the BYC Awards Night. To participate, ensure you register for racing with your Club’s registrar on your Club’s standard forms* (make sure you tick the RUST box if available), and then inform the Volunteer RUST Scorer of your intention to participate. Full details will be available in the RUST Cup Specific Sailing Instruction (SSI). Check BYC’s website for the NOR/SSI or contact the RUST representative at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more info.

More details: Start Time of 1415 Wednesday afternoons gives many boat owners their only chance to go in for a short fun race, without necessarily having to muster full crew, or spinnaker. Anyone registered for racing can join in: solo or fully crewed, with/without spinnaker, any class of dinghy/keelboat (plus anything else that floats & moves) that can be assigned a fair, recognized handicap. Courses: We will use existing permanent marks (aka Olympic Circle) on the Bay, ‘Rabbit-Start’ techniques (see below), and require no support from any Club staff. Expect to follow a form of shortened JAM Whiskey course, i.e. once around marks to port, followed by one upwind leg to a finish mark, without offsets or gates. Your finish occurs on rounding the upwind mark for the 2nd time. Racers self-record/report finishing times each race. Obviously, sportsmanship and honesty are highly desirable, as terrorising small dinghies with massive yachts is not what this is about. But imagine this: NEWS FLASH: Optimist dinghy beats biggest, fanciest yacht on Britannia Bay. That’s some bragging rights. We have expert volunteers lined up as Scorer, Handicapper, Fleet Rep and Start (Rabbit) Boat to kick off the 1st season. The RUST Cup is up for grabs by anyone racing on beautiful Britannia Bay. 

The Rabbit Start: (for those not quite sure what’s involved): The ‘Rabbit Boat’ (easily identifiable) executes a specific set of manoeuvres, as described in the SSI, and makes a minute-by-minute count-down of sound signals. Once that set of pre-determined manoeuvres is completed, you’ll get a start signal and the Rabbit Boat’s wake essentially becomes an expanding starting line, which terminates at a certain moment, depending on the number of boats in that particular start (that’s to prevent excessive crowding). The RUST Cup SSI contains a full description and diagram. But remember, it’s not JAM racing; you register for RUST in any configuration you like and will be handicapped accordingly. We really hope to see you out there. RUST NEVER SLEEPS!!