Keelboat Race Practice

UPDATE Tuesday May 22, 2018: The first keelboat race practice evening will be on Friday May 25, 2018 and the series has been extended to June 22, 2018.  New sailing instructions have been posted.   

Friday Evenings: May 25, June 8 & June 22.

On on the above Friday evenings, BYC/NSC are offering free race practice for keelboats. For beginner racers, you can experience sailing your boat closer to other boats, and practice starting and mark rounding. For experienced racers, you can sharpen your skills.

Each evening will begin at 5:30 p.m. in NSC Harbourview Hall or BYC Dragon Lounge, where a volunteer coach will outline the evening’s plan. Then boats will go sailing, with some basic coaching on the water. Finally, sailors and coach will meet in the NSC sailing room or BYC Dragon Lounge at the end of the evening for debrief.

This is a low-key free activity. It is not a formal course. You need your own boat and crew. The race officials and race bosuns will also use this event to practice their skills.

It’s race practice, not a practice race. The racing rules of sailing for starting and “when boats meet” will be used, but there will be no registration and no scoring. It doesn’t matter how slow or fast you go – it’s the right time to try something, make mistakes, get better.

Sailing instructions are here – the volunteer race committee (hosted by NSC with the potential of BYC participants) is setting a course, so please read the instructions.

Approximate plan, weather dependent:

  • May 25 – starting, setting sails for upwind. No spinnakers.
  • June 8 – starting, crossing other boats upwind, rounding upwind marks. No spinnakers.
  • June 22 – spinnaker set, gybe, douse and downwind rounding.

NSC will be providing the volunteer race committee and BYC members are welcome to join them to practice thier race committee skills (launching from NSC).

Boats from LDSC and CVGR are welcome and may moor in NSC harbor without charge until the following morning, if they wish to participate in pre- and post-practice activities.

NOTE: If river conditions do not allow for BYC boat participation, we will consider re-running the series with BYC as the race committee host. 

Contact Aaron Middleton, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for further information.