Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

When you ask, you receive. In spades! Boy-oh-boy do we have some great women at BYC.

I asked for input from Members about who among the Members should be recognized for effort above and beyond. People who, through their efforts, make BYC a better place for all.

  Ruth Martin.jpg   Claire MIllar.jpg

                                         Ruth Martin                                                                    Claire Millar

Ruth Martin led the team that put on Women in Wind this past weekend. After a hiatus of a couple of years, Women in Wind had the largest turnout ever. Glowing reports coming in from Members, staff, and management. I happened to be in the bar after the event and the place was packed. And for once the men were a tiny minority. All around there were enthusiastic discussions going on about the up coming season. This is the kind of effort that makes BYC a great club to belong to. It was the kind of event that brings in new members and gives current members a chance to grow.

Well done Ruth!

Claire Millar obviously has a legion of fans. I heard from Management, staff, and a host of committee members how much Claire does for our club. Sailing Committee, Social Committee, Membership Committee, IT and Tennis all chimed in. In truth one does not need to hear about where Claire has contributed, we can all see it. Web pages, new member forms, new member guides, the tennis guide, For The Love of Tennis article in the F&B, and the list goes on. But the thing about Claire that stands out is her enthusiasm for everything BYC. Always cheerful, always welcoming. Claire Millar is an ideal member and friend of BYC.

A word about being welcoming. We are heading into a new season and with it come many new members. In the last 2 years there has been over 50 new boats in the harbour. Many new members, sailing, social and/or tennis. We are a very tight knit family at BYC, and sometimes that makes it hard for new members to break in. A little bit like a small town where after 10 years one is still the ‘new guy’. I encourage all members to actively engage people you don’t recognize. Show them how warm and friendly a place BYC is. Help them to find reason to keep coming down and valuing their membership.