BYC is all about tradition.

Tradition is an amazing thing. It can bind people together in a way that effects vastly different kinds of people. This past weekend I was the lucky recipient of long standing traditions. I don’t for one second think that 175 people showed up at a BBQ because I was there, or that 40 + boats loaded up members, and set out on the river to sail past me. Members showed up out of the respect for traditions born of a century of members paying respect to the role of the Commodore. We at BYC are very lucky that so many people who have filled the role of Commodore and in truth, all the roles on the board and done such a good job that our club is still sailing along Full & Bye.

My sincere thanks to all the members who took the time out to come down to BYC this past weekend and help us all celebrate our club.

The other side of this is just how amazing our club is to have pulled off a weekend like this past one.

The Laser Masters - a very successful regatta, required a lot of hard volunteer effort by the regatta chair Kelly Lyon and the leaders driving it forward, Bill Fuller, John Brooman, Kirk Robertson, Lynne Delorme Natalie Foy, and a host of others too numerous to name. The regatta attracted some really top class athletes from across Canada and beyond.

On any given weekend this season, that would have made it a busy weekend at the club.

Tucker Rodgers - a great idea that has taken root and grown into a full day event that involves the whole family. Don Rodger & Rod Miller the driving force behind this event aided in no small way by Fran Rodger, Marion Geddes, Sandy Braden, Jack Faas, & Joan Yuile, and many others who contributed to it’s success.. This is a great example of a member driven event.

Combine that with the regatta and that makes for a very busy weekend.

French Open Finals Cafe and Croissant social - another member driven event that sees the tennis players and just tennis interested show up to watch together the men’s final on the screen in the lounge.

Add that together and we have an all weekend event with the lasers, mixed with a full day event on Saturday and a what could be a 5 hour event on Sunday morning. Busy, busy, busy.

Now add 175 people showing up for dinner on Friday evening for the Commodore’s BBQ and 100+ people showing up for a waterside garden party on Sunday, complete with food and drinks and now we have a weekend requiring a Herculean effort.

To pull that all off on one weekend so successfully could not have happened without the amazing management and staff at BYC. Paul Moore & Breanna Gray, an amazing, tricky bit of organizing. Darby and the kitchen staff - wow, so much food to prep, cook and plate, all so good. The bar and serving staff - Alex, Danny and Lauren in control, Karly, Gabby and all the severs, always with a smile, even with unending demands on their time. BC setting up and tearing down for each event. What an amazing feat to have pulled off so well.

Thank you all,

Rob Braden

Commodore BYC