Opti Team 2018

 2018 Opti Race Team


The BYC Race Program currently supports training in the Optimist (Opti) dinghy for youth up to age 15, the Club 420 (C420) dinghy for ages 12 and above, and the Laser dinghy for ages 13 and above. Participants will still be able to work towards their CANSail levels.

The Optimist is the international standard for competitive youth sailing and the largest one-design sailboat fleet in the world. Class rules allow participation in competition until age 15; however, many Opti sailors “size out” before then.

The Club 420 is a double handed (two person) dinghy with a fleet of over 5000 boats in North America, and is sailed extensively in local, high school and collegiate programs. Rigged with a trapeze, and spinnaker, the C420 offers a unique sailing experience that encourages teamwork, and sets it apart from a single handed boat.

The Laser is an Olympic class sailboat and one of the most popular sailboat classes in the world. Lasers are able to be rigged for varying weights of sailors allowing for a broad range of competitive fleets as well as the ability for sailors to “grow” with the boat.

Significant travel for competition requiring parent support, and additional costs, should be expected, however, the the degree of travel and regatta participation can vary depending on the sailors’ age and abilities.

The Colin Blandy Fund was established in 1977 by members of the Britannia Yacht Club to provide financial assistance to young BYC members who are committed to a competitive sailing program with Olympic aspirations.


Our Teams:

Opti Team: The main goals are introducing young sailors to the world of racing, and instilling passion for the sport of sailing. Team members learn basic and advanced racing techniques in a fun environment and incrementally experience racing from a club to a provincial/national level. Sailors should weigh less than 120 pounds and have their CANSail 1 certification, or other meaningful dinghy experience. Most participants will own their own boat; however, BYC has a limited number of Opti rentals available.

The team consists of two programs:

  • Green Fleet: For the beginner Opti sailor, with a dedicated coach to get them started in the boat. Green fleet sailors focus on learning basic sailing skills and being comfortable on the water. Most competitions include shorter race courses dedicated to the Opti Green Fleet where new sailors can get comfortable with the race format. Sailors will normally stay in the Green Fleet for one or two years before graduating to the Championship fleet. Training runs from June through August.
  • Championship Fleet: For the experienced Opti Sailor ready to race at higher levels and by age category (white – 10 & under, blue – 11 & 12, red 13 to 15). Training runs from May through October.

Development Race Team: For sailors that have graduated from our Opti Team or for older CANSail participants looking for a sailing experience with a focus on training for competition. Primarily a double handed team, this program runs in conjunction with CANSail 5 & 6 with additional opportunities to compete in regional regattas and beyond. Participants must own there own boat or rent one. BYC has a limited number of C420s for rent.

Laser Team: For those wanting to sail at the highest level. Focuses on achieving excellence, setting and reaching personal goals, fitness, high performance training, and competition in a range of local and international level events. The team supports all three levels of Laser rig (full, radial, 4.7). The program is by invitation and participants must own their own boat.

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