Dear Members,

I hope you are all well and safe. As courts director I am pleased to announce that as of Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 10:00 a.m., we will be able to, with new rules, officially play tennis at our beloved BYC.

This is very exciting news and has happened at a much earlier date than we anticipated. We had an amazing work team preparing the courts this past Saturday morning. Sandy, Fiona, Wendy, Gary and Elizabeth put up the wind barriers, the nets and set everything up to be ready for our new season and the new rules. Our Club Manager extraordinaire and his team had already power washed the courts and added some security features as explained below. Please check the courts out with the BYC Tennis Webcam: . So get out your court shoes, dust off your rackets and we will see you on the courts. There is important Information here, so please read this entire email.

Housekeeping items:

We are not booking courts yet. If the courts get busy we will start an online booking capability. Otherwise, check the webcam to see if the courts are busy or free and plan accordingly. We will announce our first singles round robin shortly.

Single games only, no doubles.

Ottawa Health authority COVID rules are being followed and are integrated into this communication.

45 minute rotations when people are waiting. The 45 minutes countdown starts from when play begins. This is important as the courts will be busy due to singles play only, but also because the washroom facilities are not open hence people may not be able to stay as long as is typical in past years.

No parties, no celebrations, nor after game drinks or food sharing. Bring your own refreshments please.

No competitions, except casual round robins, until further notice.

There are no group lessons this season, however, we will allow one on one paid lessons to be arranged directly with our tennis pro. Further details on lessons to follow.

You are allowed one guest at a time to a preferred maximum of three times a season for that one guest (child, grandchild, sibling, father, mother, Grand Parents, friend). You must be in attendance with your guest. We encourage guests who enjoy playing often to become members so they can enjoy the courts at their leisure anytime. We would welcome them greatly!


Please read and print the attached Tennis Canada rules and this email. As a suggestion, print a copy and keep it with your tennis bag. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that we must strictly adhere to the Tennis Canada and BYC court rules. Additional BYC rules are outlined below. If the rules are broken or not taken seriously we may receive an immediate suspension for the season. The rules are for everyone’s safety. Serious safety and having fun is our strategy. So as a BYC community, please adhere to these rules and be respectful of them and each other as is our long BYC tradition. Rules will be posted at the main courts entrance nearest the children’s park for your convenience. Additional BYC rules are below to accommodate our unique location and court layout.

1)      To restrict non-members from playing we have locked all gates. Non-Members who sneak on to our courts may also not adhere to the rules which risks play for everyone. We do not want members to police other members so if you feel there is an issue please inform Paul, Sandy or myself.

2)      A code must be used to open the main courts gate near the children’s park. CODE: 1542   Print this email so you will have the code with you in your tennis bag. In some cases, when it is busy, such as a singles round robin , this gate will be propped open to allow people to pass easily back and forth without the need to touch the high touch key pad. This will be at the discretion of the Club Manager, Sandy Braden and Myself.

3)      Please bring hand sanitizer and masks for your own comfort level and protection. We will not be providing these items due to limited supply in our local market.

4)      Please bring your own chair, no club chairs on the Courts area due to high touch mitigation. Personal chairs are acceptable. Ten feet apart. Chairs only on the empty court 2 which is the court nearest to the club house. In addition, personal chairs can be used outside the main courts gate on the lawn near the children’s park.

5)      There are no facilities so home is where the heart is! Play, have fun and be comfortable at home when you are finished your games.

6)      Singles play only. No doubles.

7)      Pickleball, single play only, no doubles, no sharing equipment. Club equipment will be off limits. Please email Gary if you have any Pickleball questions. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please see attached Pickleball Ontario Guidelines. Please print and keep in your bag.

8)      Only touch your personal tennis balls which need to be clearly marked with an indelible black marker in two places on each tennis ball. We can kick the ball to one another and use six balls each game and collect them as required. Those that are able, will show you how to use your foot and racquet to pick up a ball and pass it to your opponent without touching it with your hands.

9)      No ball machine

10)  No sharing personal equipment and club equipment, (worth saying this twice)

11)  Wear a golf glove or a Hygiene glove (optional but recommended) on your free hand as one extra precaution.

12)  Please read the attached Tennis Canada Guideline. It is very descriptive and well thought out.

It is not game as usual but it will be fun as usual. Have fun and see you court side.

My very kind regards

David Hayes

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Courts Director

613 447-1177

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