Dear BYC Members,
Last week, our Harbour Master provided an update following an announcement that was made by the Premier regarding the gradual opening of marinas. Paul Moore and I had also met with Ontario Sailing, whose interpretation of the Premier’s statement was that clubs could gradually start to re-open boat yards for boat maintenance and preparation for launch and that this opening could include allowing boat owners to start working on their boats. As stated in the message from the Harbour Master, we are also required to conform to any municipal regulations. Unfortunately, the City of Ottawa disagrees with the Ontario Sailing interpretation, and has clearly stated that we are not allowed to have individuals on the property.   
Last night the BYC Board of Directors met and it was decided that we will be sending a letter to the city outlining how we intend to meet social distancing requirements while at the same time allowing members the opportunity to work in the boat yard. Our hope is to send this letter as a joint letter from the other regional sailing clubs in Ottawa. 
The health and safety of our members and our employees continues to be our top priority. We have been working on procedures to ensure that the requirements of physical distancing and other regulations are met while members are working in the yard. Given the directive from the City, the Club and the boat yard will unfortunately remain closed until we are given permission to proceed otherwise. 
I wish I was sending you better news at this time. Lets continue to work together to stay safe
Lisa Shishis
Britannia Yacht Club
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