Dear BYC Members,
I’m writing today to provide an update to the Commodore’s message of May 1 on the status of reopening certain Club activities following the announcement made by the Premier of Ontario related to reopening of certain businesses.
The announcement from the Premier addressed a first stage of allowing certain businesses, including seasonal businesses such as golf courses and marinas, to reopen gradually and safely with strict adherence to health and safety requirements. Today, the Commodore and the General Manager met online with Ontario Sailing and over 100 other representatives of sailing clubs in the province to better understand how our Clubs can start to reopen. The consensus was that at this stage, Clubs could have a limited reopening to allow boat owner members to prepare their boats for launch. The Clubs are allowed to launch boats but the boats must remain at the mooring during this phase. Within this general framework, individual Clubs must also conform with any restrictions imposed by the municipality in which they operate or conditions imposed by their landlord. 
The health and of safety our members and our employees is our top priority. To this end we are developing our procedures to ensure that the requirement of physical/social distancing and other requirements can be met. This means that the Club will have a phased approach starting with launch preparation activities in a first phase followed by launch activities in a second phase. There will be limitations on access and services designed to ensure health and safety and these will be adjusted as necessary or as more specific guidelines are issued by provincial authorities. Members will be advised of the rules to be observed during each phase. 
Government agencies will be monitoring the newly opened businesses and it will be imperative for all of us to respect these rules/procedures to ensure everyone’s safety and to avoid any interruption of Club operations.
The Club will continue to consult with Ontario Sailing and other Clubs to ensure we are implementing appropriate protocols, sharing best practices and supporting our fellow members of the boating community.
The Club will remain closed through the remainder of this week and over the weekend while we elaborate our operating procedures for the first phase and ensure we have the necessary equipment and resources in place.
Let’s all work together to remain safe and ensure we can return to our boating activities this summer.
Water Levels update:
In my email of May 1, I reviewed the water levels experienced up to that point. We were very fortunate that water levels were moderated by an early spring with cooler temperatures in the second half of April. I also mentioned that the gate was being left in in anticipation of a second peak. This second peak is a usual feature of the spring melt and it varies in intensity every year so the possibility of a second peak is always a consideration when deciding when the gate can be removed. The chart below is an update of the chart in my last email showing this year’s second peak.
The flood line is indicated in red at 59 meters – with little rain in the forecast, the peak may not go much higher but just wanted to point out that a second peak is always something we need to deal with each year. At this point, the gate remains in place and we have not set a date for removal yet.
Al Malo
Vice Commodore/Harbourmaster
Britannia Yacht Club
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