Our history lesson this week is from David Hayes, our Courts Director, and Sandy Braden. Did you know that one of the clubs objectives is: “to promote other sports and social activities in the interest of club members generally.” The tennis program at BYC has a long history, keep reading to learn more.
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The amazing fellowship of BYC and its members is also evident on our beautiful courts with a history that is coming up on 100 years and includes both City and National Champions. The courts were renamed the Leonard Ball Courts to honour the long-time court advocate and Tennis Director who was often referred to as Mr. Tennis. Sally and Joe Courtney say he “lived for the job”. He built up the reputation of the BYC courts and was a major contributor to their success. BYC started kids young so that they could learn and enjoy the tennis world. Many kids became long term members of BYC. Generations of BYC tennis programs included celebrations, classic tournaments, wheelchair tournaments and many junior tournaments. Doubles Round Robins are frequent and continue to be a great way for members to play tennis and to socialize, such fun. Of course we cannot forget the Strawberry Wimbledon Social events, a touch of Champagne always marked the occasion and was a welcomed refreshment on hot days. This year will be the first in close to 30 years there will be no Strawberries in the Dragon Boat Lounge on the second Sunday in July.
Circa 1940 BYC courts were clay. The maintenance of clay was difficult and often caused the courts to be closed due to excessive water. When BYC changed to hard surfaced courts the play was faster and allowed for more days to be tennis worthy. Today, the courts are surfaced with Plexi-pave blue surface, durable and easy to maintain. Tennis, and now Pickle Ball, at BYC welcome all members to participate. When authorities permit we will open the courts and organize exciting round robins, social events and for those with a competitive appetite, we will have tournaments and trophies like we do every year.
I look forward to joining you on the courts. We will keep you updated on the court's events and play as we receive information in the coming weeks. Keep those racquet strings toned and your court shoes at the ready.
With warm regards,
David Hayes, Courts Director
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