Hello Everyone, 
Amidst everything that is going on in our world right now, I did not want to forget to take the time to recognize that it is National Volunteer Week. While we have the most fabulous BYC staff, our club could not function without the most dedicated group of volunteers.  
Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their busy lives to sit on our various committees. To those that, when asked, will come and build a wall out of sand or stone or rebar and concrete. To those who will offer their boats and time when 120 Opti sailors come to Britannia. To the ones that spend hours on the water to ensure we are running the best trapezoid race courses in the province. To the volunteers that have kept the NCR running for over 62 years. To the editors and contributors of the Full & By. To the people that keep our tennis courts busy with tournaments and strawberry socials. To the social organizers, the planners of parties and barbequers. To the gardeners, the menders, the painters, the electricians, the mark placers, the fleet and harbour organizers, the crane crews, the water watchers, the archivists of tradition and history, the polishers, the keepers of the house and the greeters. To the past Commodores and the Board of Directors past and present and to any one that I may have missed, from the bottom of my glass, I say, “Cheers to you!”
Thank you for all the contributions you make to our Club.
Be Well,
Lisa Shishis
Britannia Yacht Club
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