Cruise Week information session: Friday, June 21 at 1800h, upstairs in the Sunset Room. Feel free to grab a beverage from the bar downstairs before we start.

Cruise Week is an annual multi-day cruise up the Ottawa River. It's a low-key, low-structure event with lots of time for socializing and sailing. It's a great way to see the river with an experienced group, meet new friends, and catch up with old friends. Cruise Week this year is Sunday, July 14 to Friday, July 19.

The format for this session, targeted to boat owners and those with access to boats, will be similar to last year's session: we'll discuss what Cruise Week is, how to prepare, new ideas this year, and provide an overview of the anchorages on the Ottawa River. We plan for a 60min session, including questions.

Newcomers might want to take notes and consider bringing chart #1550 (Ottawa River).

If you've been on Cruise Week before, we invite you to come to this session to share your knowledge with newcomers and also hear about some new ideas for this year; but you won't miss anything if you don't attend. More communication will follow from this email address as the dates approach.

To join the Cruise Week email distribution list, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..