Board Connect

Board Connect

The gates are out, the courts are full, the marque tent is up, and the first long-distance race of the season has been sailed, all signs that the summer season has started.  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new members and staff to BYC.  I hope everyone will find something that makes you smile and enjoy our community. 

As a reminder all minutes form our Board meetings can be found Here

At the April meeting of the Board, the Board of Directors and the Chair of the Planning Committee met with members of the City’s Heritage Planning Committee to learn more about the Historical Designation that the city has given the BYC Club House.  The description of the heritage Attributes that the city has included in this designation are:

  • Simple, square-shaped footprint
  • Two and a half storeys, a steeply pitched red hip roof, and hipped dormers
  • Wide, wraparound second storey verandah on the west, north, east façades (providing views of the Ottawa River
  • Large windows on each façade

The city also mentions that the Revival styles were popular in the early twentieth century for residential and recreational buildings. Our Club house displays elements associated with Tudor Revival and Gothic Revival style:

  • Use of natural materials including stucco on exterior walls and half timbering on the south and west façade of the second storey, and stone foundation and pillars
  • Tower on southeast corner with crenellated parapet, buttresses, moulded label, lintels, and groups of windows, and the date “1887” engraved on the south parapet

The interior of the building is not considered a part of the designation. The courts, marina, parking, and piers are also not included in the designation.

What does this mean for BYC, while there may be some minimal restrictions, (we need to keep the pitch of the current roof) over all the Heritage designation will bring funding opportunities and a wonderful recognition of our clubs long standing history in Ottawa.

The board has also been working on updating the Mission, Vision and Value statements for BYC.  Using the Club Objectives, that are clearly laid out in our Letters Patent, and the feedback we heard from you in our strategic planning sessions we are very proud to share with you the Britannia Yacht Club’s Mission, Vision and Value Statement.  Please see here

Over the past few years our Governance Advisory Committee (GAC), under the direction of Trevor Pillon, has been working on reviewing our by-law to ensure we will be meeting the standards required by the Ontario Non-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA). Under the Act, we are required to have the by-law come into compliance by October 21st, 2024.  If we do not meet this date, ONCA will impose their standard by-law to all non-for-profits across Ontario. 

The board is in process of reviewing the suggestions from the GAC, after that process is complete, we will be sending the by-law back to our lawyer for the final review.  Our plan is then to hold information sessions with the Members to share the By-law.  After that we will be hold a Special General Meeting of the membership before the October 21st deadline date that has been set but ONAC.  More information to follow closer to the dates. Thank you to the GAC committee for all your dedicated work. 

The board is also in the process in completing the Strategic Plan, once complete we will be sharing with all of you. 

There are several exciting events coming to BYC over the next few weeks. 

  • Commodore’s Weekend
    • Friday June 7th – Commodore’s Cocktail Reception
    • Saturday June 8th – Tucker Rodgers Event (Sailing, Courts and Croquets events) , BBQ
    • Sunday, June 9th – Commodore’s Sailpast
  • Friday June 14th Britannia Cup
  • Saturday June 15th to Sunday June 16th – Ottawa Valley Open and ILCA Masters Championship

Hope to see you around the club.

Lisa Shishis